Word Games for Serious Business


Don't dismiss the classic "answer three questions and complete a tie-breaker" contest. The questions will be based on your promotional material, so the puzzler will have to read your copy carefully; and the completion of a tie-breaker requires the customer to think hard about the positive aspects of the product you are offering. They've studied your text and they've focussed on your product's best qualities; what more could you ask?

To WIN loads of new customers and lots more business, just answer these three simple questions:
1. How many tons of steel are there in the Forth Bridge?
2. Do you remotely care how many tons of steel there are in the Forth Bridge?
3. Why are you still reading this?
You're still reading because people like quizzes and puzzles, and people love to be offered things to win. We took advantage of that to keep you reading - you can take advantage of it too, to keep your customers reading.

The purpose of the classic quick quiz is to entice readers into studying your copy, both to answer the questions and to assess the merits of the product in order to come up with a winning tie-breaker. This sample is based on the content of the Lexcentrics Promotional Puzzles website.

Simply answer these three questions and complete the tie-breaker in ten words or less:

  1. Which type of Lexcentrics puzzle hammers home a list of key words?
  2. Which type of crossword is the commuter's traditional favourite?
  3. Which type of puzzle reveals one vertical word in shaded squares?

"Lexcentrics is the Internet's premier puzzle-playing magazine website because……….…………."


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