Word Games for Serious Business

The Games People Play

We offer many different kinds of puzzles because there are many different kinds of people. You have identified your customer base, and we can create a puzzle that showcases your business in a format that appeals to your ideal customer.



Smaller and quicker than crosswords, but presenting solvers with many of the same challenges and you with the same opportunities to showcase your company and have your customers focus on your product and your literature.


These can be pitched to almost any age and intellectual ability. Hugely popular across a wide demographic and with younger puzzlers. Our new Executive Wordsearches take the wordsearch to a higher level, appealing to professional people with logical minds and a good general education. Wordsearches present and reinforce a list of key words - names, products, concepts.

Logic Problems

Eternally popular among people with analytical and methodical minds. Because of their narrative style there is considerable scope for description, mood and humour. Logic problems concentrate your customer's mind on a focused number of key concepts.


A perennial favourite, and when combined with a tie-breaker can provide you with complete customer involvement. To answer the questions, customers have to study your promotional material carefully; to compose a tie-breaker they have to think, positively and creatively, about your product or service.


From anagrams to acronyms, words-in-words to ladders, a range of puzzles to suit a range of demographics and purposes. We bundle them together as "fillers" because they are often not really suitable for major promotions, for various reasons. They may be visually unimpressive; answers can consist of lists of dozens of words; they may be so "quick" as not to present sufficient challenge. The inclusion of these little puzzles, however, can enrich your promotional material and increase customer engagement. Your aim, after all, is to get people to actually read your material.

Lexcentrics also offers a full competition service - from handling entries to judging and despatching prizes.

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