Word Games for Serious Business



An old favourite - you've all played them. Choose two words of the same length. Caution: not all pairs of words make possible ladders! If your business is financial services, you might go for "Change BANK to NOTE in 4 steps" - solution BANK - BANE - BONE - NONE - NOTE. Light relief rather than a serious competition puzzle, but well worth including in promotional material.


Another "quickie", mostly for fun and to fix your reader's mind. As a competition, you could ask for the best anagram of your company's or product's name, but with a limited number of letters you would be liable to get considerable duplication of replies. Teamed with a tie-breaker it could make a small-prize contest.


Take a word - any word - and ask your customers to make apt and/or humorous sentences from words beginning with each letter of your chosen word. Another puzzle that encourages your customer to concentrate on your product, and to associate you unconsciously with fun and challenge.


How many words of four letters or more can you make out of the given word (which would be the name of your company or product) or phrase? No plurals ending in S, no proper nouns, no foreign words. Like anagrams, words-in-words concentrates your customer's mind on your name, slogan or product name, rather than on the qualities of your product, and does not require reading of copy. If you are already a household name, this may be ideal for you. If you have a long name, or use a slogan or other phrase, expect sheets and sheets of paper with your replies!

These are just a few of the word-games we can play with your company name, or product, or slogan. Words are wonderful things, and we can do wonderful things with them!

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