Word Games for Serious Business


The Wordsearch is the ideal tool for marketing, and our Executive Wordsearches are finely-crafted, intelligent puzzles. Wordsearches are hugely popular and are extremely versatile; we can create Executive Wordsearches for any demographic, any age-group, any interest group.

Wordsearches consist of a grid of letters (which appears to be entirely random!) and usually a list of words or clues. The words are concealed in the grid, in any direction. Our Wordsearches are presented with the grid of letters and, usually, a LIST OF WORDS to be found (although the truly fiendish ones just give the number of words and the theme!). You can select the words yourself, or we can select them for you from your promotional material and submit them for your approval. The number of words in the list, of course, is dependent upon the target audience, from five or six words in a Wordsearch for young children to thirty or more in an Executive Wordsearch aimed at the (jargon - AB etc - highest) consumer.

The strength of the Wordsearch as a marketing tool is repetition. You read the list. You hunt the grid, find a word, check back to the list to make sure it's really there, back to the grid and highlight it, back to the list and cross it off. Over and over and over again. By the time you've finished, those words are seared into your brain. Use an Executive Wordsearch if you want to promote a list of products, or holiday destinations, or services; or if you want to impress on your customers the sheer number of products or services you offer (a list can look very impressive); if you don't need to say a lot about individual products or services but want to familiarise your customers with your range.

Most Wordsearches have lots of unused letters; our unique Executive Wordsearches are produced to the highest standard, with few or no unused letters. One of the most effective ways of presenting an Executive Wordsearch as a competition is to have just sufficient unused letters at the end to re-arrange into another word connected with your business; or to have just one word in the list which does not appear in the grid. In this way the solution can consist of a single word, making the competition suitable for telephone or postcard entries - or for writing on your own customer enquiry form of course!

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