Word Games for Serious Business

A Sample Trunkword

The Puzzle


  1. I am in a spot, but flounder? No! (6)
  2. Eat, apparently humorously (6)
  3. Study, and return hatchet to pit (7)
  4. Where you may glimpse silks – and briefs, if you’re lucky! (3-5)
  5. Fold and tear petal (5)
  6. Present puzzle (9)
  7. Type of crossword with enigmatic clues (7)
  8. Puzzle consisting of a grid of letters containing hidden words (10)
  9. To which answers are required in quizzes (9)
  10. What is the name of Lexcentrics’s new, fiendish Wordsearch? (9)
  11. Which type of puzzle has been popular for around eighty years? (9)



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