Word Games for Serious Business

Our Service

Lexcentrics offer a complete service.  We can provide a wide range of puzzles and word-games for different purposes,   depending on your intended audience.

Our consultants will work closely with you to determine the kind and level of puzzles needed to meet your needs, based upon the product or service you offer, the age and likely linguistic abilities of your likely clients or prospects, and the medium in which you wish to present your campaign.

Media and formats

We can provide camera-ready artwork of puzzles for printing, either on paper or electronically.

As our sample personalised puzzles show, we can also provide the puzzles online, themed to your own corporate style.  If your servers support Microsoft IIS/ASP, we can also provide mechanisms for you to host the puzzles on your own servers.

Prizes and competition management

Lexcentrics also offers a full competition service - from handling entries to judging and despatching prizes.  For paper media puzzles, this can be handled by the creation of a PO box in the client's name, so that the service appears to the client to be entirely managed by the client.  For online puzzles, the tools we have developed also include facilities allowing user registration and online submission of completed puzzles

So whether you simply want simple paper puzzles for a newsletter, or a sophisticated online puzzle with a prospect data-collection back-end, Lexcentrics can meet your needs.


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