Word Games for Serious Business


You've gone to a lot of trouble to get your promotional material right. You've described your product, you've explained what it does, you've shown how it surpasses the competition. But how do you make sure people actually read your pitch?


At Lexcentrics, our Promotional Puzzles team can create a range of tailor-made puzzles that persuade your customers to read, re-read and concentrate on your text, or that offer and reinforce a list of key words. Crosswords whose solutions are in the body of the text, or that make your reader really think about your product; Wordsearches to hammer home a list of key words; Logic Problems that present your product in a narrative setting; Quizzes that drive your customers back to the text to check facts.

You can lead a horse to water, they say, but you can't make it drink. Equally, you can ensure that your promotional material is pressed into your customers' hands, you can be sure that they will love the graphics and the odds are they will glance at whatever they don't have to reach for their glasses for; but you can't make them sit down and read the body text, the technical stuff. Or can you? That's where we come in.

We can help you to catch - and hold - your customers' attention with a tailor-made Lexcentrics Promotional Puzzle. Crosswords, Wordsearches, Logic Problems and more, individually designed to suit your needs. Words that drive home your message, again and again. Clues that send your customers scouring through your advertisement or promotional material. Puzzles and wordgames that have them racking their brains for days as they shop, drive, brush their teeth… because all the time they're trying to solve 14 Down your name and your product are in their minds.

People love puzzles, and the inclusion in your promotional material of a Lexcentrics Promotional Puzzle tailor-made to suit your individual requirements will help to deliver the ideal customer - upbeat, receptive and alert to your message. Who says you can't mix business with pleasure?

In today's oceans of advertising your promotions need immediate impact - that's your advertising agency's job - and then they need to hold the reader's attention. That's our job. Promotional Puzzles offer outstanding opportunities to engage with customers and potential customers, to keep your advertisement or promotional material in their hands and in their minds for longer than any other stratagem.

You're looking for the Next Big Thing in marketing and promotion. You've just found it.

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